When, where and how, all you need to know

Practical information for the Viking Moot

Opening hours:

The Market:

  • The market is open from friday 26th to saturday 28th july from 10:00 -17:00 all days



Ticket price: 140 kr. pr adult.

  • Children under 18 free of charge.
  • Available at entrance to the market or at the Museum
  • Acts as a weekend pass
  • Gives entry to the acclaimed Moesgaard Museum of Archaeology



  1. Park by Moesgaard Museum and walk 2,2 km through the forest or
  2. Park by the Moesgaard Beach at the end of Strandskovvej and walk 700 m by coastal path to the market

    If you drive, come early to get a good parking spot.

Public transportation:

- advisable if you plan to come later in the day

  1. Bus 31 from the Bus Terminal to the Moesgaard beach (Moesgård strand). Walk 700 m by coastal path.
  2. Bus 18 from the Bus Terminal to Moesgaard Museum. Walk 2,2 km to the market by forest paths.



Be aware of terrain challenges and unpaved paths. Wheelchairs can get around. Ask for the right paths to choose. Dressing appropriately for terrain and weather is advised.


Payment options:

Currency: Danish kroner, (some merchants may take Euros)

Market ticket: Cash or Visa/Master

The Inn: Cash or Visa/Master

The Viking Merchants/Market Booths: Cash only


Food and drink:

Food and drink is available at the Market Inn and various viking market booths, as well as the Museum.