Moesgaard Viking Moot

Three awesome days in the world of the Vikings - July 26 to 28 2019.

The experience

Swords will literally cross when over 500 warriors battle in the woods and on the battlefield and YOU will be centerstage! Experience the impressive horse show with riders on Icelandic horses, and go exploring among the many trade stalls. Listen to the performing musicians and taste the food and drinks that the Vikings enjoyed.

You will have no less than three full days of Viking experiences for the whole family.

The world of the Vikings and Moesgaard Viking Moot

Moesgaard Moot is one of the oldest and largest of its kind and dates back to 1977. It takes place every year Saturday and Sunday in week 30, with a daily Viking battle and horse show. Ans as something brand new this year, the Moot is also open to the public on Friday.

The Viking Mooy is arranged by Moesgaard Museum in collaboration with representatives of the Vikings. Every year, Viking warriors, riders and ​​traders from all over the world come to Moesgaard's Viking Moot, where they conquer the field, the forest and the banks along Moesgaard beach. With multi-coloured Viking outfits, a labyrinthine town of tents, a buzzing of familiar and foreign tongues, and with the scent of firewood and bonfire in the nostrils, new life is once again breathed into the Viking Age.

Take the whole family to Moesgaard beach in Aarhus and experience the world's largest Viking Moot. This is where you get a taste of life as a Viking.

See pictures from the last four Viking Moots

A picture says more than a thousand words – which is why it does not matter that the following pages are in Danish. Look at pictures from the last four Viking Moots.