Moesgaard Viking Moot

Moesgaard Viking Moot 2020 is cancelled due to Corona.

Come and hear what it sounds like when over 500 warriors clash in epic battle. Witness the beauty of Icelandic horses in a large horse show and explore the numerous market booths abundant with Viking crafts. Then dine and drink like the Vikings did. Be ready to step back in time and experience the Viking age with your family. 

Practical information (when, where and how?)

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What is The Moesgaard Viking Moot?

The Moesgaard Viking Moot is one of the oldest and largest viking markets of its kind and has taken place annually in the last weekend of July since 1977, with its signature daily Viking battles and Icelandic horse shows. It is arranged by the Moesgaard Museum of Archaeology and representatives from the Vikings.

Each year the Viking warriors, horseback riders and merchants arrive from all over the world and their vibrant camp spreads out across the beaches and fields at Moesgaard,  As the Vikings don their handmade clothes, settle into their Viking tents and set about their historical crafts, trades and activities the Viking age truly comes alive.

The World Viking Championship 

One of the highlights of the Moot is when the many hundreds of warriors clash in epic battle to claim the legendary battlefield at Moesgaard. Four massive battles are fought where the audience can witness the live drama and intensity of mass tactical combat and skirmish played out before their eyes.

The warriors are men and women of all ages, and they travel across the globe to test their weapon skills and battle cunning in this unique sport where nothing is decided beforehand. This is not theatre or choreography. The battles are an intense competition and are regarded by the warriors themselves as their world championship in Viking battlesports.

Battles are fought twice daily as the two equally matched armies come together in a roar to test the strength of their shield walls. This is followed by the prestigious one-on-one mass duel, the Circle of Honour, where only one warrior stands victorious in the end.

To top this off you will experience a demonstration of Viking horsemanship and hear the thunder of the hooves, when the unique traits and talents of the Icelandic horse, the original purebred heritage horse of the Vikings, are demonstrated in a large equestrian show by the dedicated Viking horseback riders.

Lots of activities for children and adults

Let the children show off their archery skills to their parents as volunteer Vikings from the museum instruct them in the use of traditional bow and arrow. When you’ve had your share of dramatic experiences it is time to sample the local fare and drink.

Savour the sweet and varied nuances of mead, the traditional Viking drink, or enjoy craft beer from a local brewery. Sit down and relax with a delicious meal at the Market Inn whilst music, song and tunes from the past, performed live at the market, finds its way to your ears.

More than 65 enticing market booths full of Viking crafts

For those who enjoy shopping the market is rich with possibilities with more than 65 market booths where handmade crafts from the Viking period are sold by craftsmen and traders. Whether you wish to bring out your inner Viking or supplement your modern lifestyle there are unique things to discover. The market booths boast a wide selection of jewelry, ceramics, woodworks, basket weaving, furs, knives, leatherwork and Viking clothes, so don’t forget to fill you purse with coin before coming to the market.

Did you know that many of the Vikings love to talk about their passion? Most speak English, so don’t hesitate to ask them about their Viking life and gear. Ask around and you will also find German, Dutch and French speakers.

So bring your friends and family to the enchanting beaches and forests of Moesgaard in Aarhus and add a touch of true Viking to your summer by experiencing one of the world’s largest Viking markets.