Mikkel Mønsted og Roland Warzecha på Moesgaard Vikingetræf 2017

Bliv klogere på brugen af vikingetidens våben og skjolde

Fredag d. 26. juli har Moesgaard Vikingetræf som en del af jubilæumsprogrammet inviteret HEMA mestrene Mikkel Mønsted og Roland Warzecha til at lave en demonstration af våben- og skjoldbrug.

Om demonstrationen skriver Roland Warzecha: 

And before all things and matters / you shall note and know / that there is only one art of the sword /and it may have been found and invented many centuries ago / and it is the foundation and the core of all fighting arts / (Cod. ms. 3227a, folio 13v, Germany, c.1400)

Martial arts concepts are universal, regardless of period and region. Yet, due to cultural implications there is no universal martial art. Accordingly, weapon design differed even in the Viking Age. Why did early medieval Scandinavian warriors hold on to traditional flat round shields and spatha type swords when most of their European neighbours had adopted domed shields and cruciform swords? How do martial arts concept apply to Viking weapons?

Roland Warzecha and Mikkel Pauli Mønsted, seasoned practioners/researchers of historical swordsmanship, will try to provide answers in a practical lecture and a hands-on demonstration of reconstructed combat with Viking sword & shield at Moesgaard Viking Moot, Friday July 28, 18.00.